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2nd Sat Youth class Oct. 14th



Paper weaving with Stephanie-

Creating Pattern and rhythm with paper weaving.  Supplies may include, magazine, wallpaper, newspaper and traditional papers!

3rd Thursday Adult Classes Oct.19th



Applied Water color with Ryan-

Review some classic techniques while creating a fun fall themed watercolor piece


2nd Sat Youth class Dec.9th



Colored Pencil Painting with Sonia--

Using colage to find color we will invent and find snazzy new ways to mix color with colored pencils.


3rd Thursday Adult Classes Dec. 21st



Print making with Erik--

Discover some fun and easy printmaking techniques while creating cards and potential gifts for loved ones.


2nd Sat Youth class Nov. 11th


Mixed Media Collage with Sarah-

Discover the joy of finding unity and composition in a variety of fun materials.


3rd Thursday Adult Classes Nov. 16th


Painting and color fun with Sarah--

find the joy in paint,as you become more confident in mixing and choosing color. We will be creating a fun painting together as we learn how it all works.

Home School Art-

A six week class

Novemeber 28th- January 9th

Cost: $60.00 for full 6 weeks

or Drop in $15.00

10:00-11:00 5-10  years old

11:00-12:00 8-12 years old

These are approximate ages, and a guide for our teaching.  

Our homeschool class will blend process based art with a foundation of elements and principals of art and design.  Cultivate curiosity and develop skills that your students can carry over to work with at home. 

Our Teacher Sarah Wolfer is a former homeschool student and a graduate from Western Oregon.

More is coming!!  What classes would you like to see?  Do you have a group that would like to contract with us?  Are you a teaching artist and would like to teach?  Contact us and let's start a conversation!  

Fall Classes

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